Do good things.

the story of today is that my neighbors are SO nice and helpful, no matter how blonde I am.
Earlier today, I was headed to lunch with my pals, but oh wait, I couldn't get out of the snow!
Luckily, my neighbor was shoveling away next door, and he kindly shoveled out the area in front of my car so I could be free. What a guy.
Well, I'm a little dumb guys. and when I returned home, I parked in the same place. 
I just had faith, ok? Faith that I could make it out next time. but no. such was not the case. pfff.
LUCKILY, another heroic young man in the ward whose name rhymes with logan macobson, was on his way to go sledding. he stopped two houses up from where I was, took a shovel out of his car, and started digging, and then he pushed me out.
what the heck, guys. I love my neighborhood. People are nice!!

If everyone would  do these little deeds, then ummm. everyone's day would be made every day. Go google "40 pictures that restored our faith in humanity". but be sure there's a box of tissues near by.

like Elder Smith says at the end of every email, without fail,
Do good things.


  1. A few years ago I stuck in front of the other Holly's house and those same people, whose name rhymes with Macobson, helped to get me out. Love good neighbors.

  2. Love this. You are precious.