'appy new yeuhh 'arry!

I decided that instead of talking about new years resolutions, (cause HAHAHAHA fail), I am reading through some blog posts from January of 2012. Is it bad that my past self is cracking my present self up? I told you, I laugh at my own jokes.

I was reading through this post, and decided I need to do that more. Focus on the positive. That's what the past holly did, and it worked. I remember the overwhelming stress floating away for just a little bit while I focused on the good. Being a grown-up means life isn't always fun. In fact, it's much more work and boring stuff than it is fun. but there ARE still good things, man!
This post reminded me of how badly I miss Roberts. I miss it so much it HURTS. and don't worry, I'm still a paper whore. as well as a digital paper whore, a clip art whore, and a fat quarter whore. that is a lot of the W word. if we were in 9th grade, I would owe Easton a buck.
This one is just kinda random and funny, and let me say. a whooole lot of Cliche loves have been added to the list.
AND THIS one is how New Years went last year.

Lately, I've become more serious about blogging + creating & selling my little creations. I've been putting off starting up an Etsy shop--- it's intimidating!! but I'm promising myself that I will at LEAST "publish" it. (I have it started, but it's not stocked or anything)... anyone know a good mentor for this sort of thing? haha. anyways. that will be happening! so buckle up.

As you may have noticed, I have written a few posts "with purpose" if you will. like this one, about missionaries and what to send them. and this one, about the exciting news of the age change for sister missionaries. That one guys, that one was a testimony builder for me. if you go read the comments on it you'll see why.
 I MEAN REALLY? All thanks to Pinterest, guys. all thanks to  Pinterest.

Today, we are getting our Chuck-a-rama on, then we are going up to Jill's new crib in Heber for games and food and games and food. Then at about 9, we come back down here and I'm headin' to the Whiteheads for some MORE fun! I'm stoked cause I love the Whiteheads. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. I'm gonna make it my New Years Eve day goal to take pictures with Nadine, and not just my crappy lil ipod.

Feliz año nuevo!!

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