to my families

So listen. I'm a thankful person. I haven't expressed it every day this month, but I am a thankful person.
I'm not going to list everything because I'm wayyy too impatient for that right now.
but just a few big ones:

My dad, his patience, and how hard he works for his family.
My mom, her sense of humor, and how hard SHE works.
Emily, and how perfect she is at being the oldest sister. Whenever I'm being picked on, she always defends me! small things guys, small things.
Micah, and his knowledge of all sorts of weird things, and his love for my sweet angel sister.
Baby girl, and her being healthy and hyper.
Jill, and how she always laughs at my stupid jokes and makes me feel good about myself. ha! and her wisdom. I mean, both my sisters give killer advice. so yeah.
Woody, and his willingness to help people, and how happy he makes my sister.
Ben, and the huge corner he has turned. he is such a fun dude, so pleasant to be around!
Carly, and how we didn't scare her off or nothin'. She fits right in with us sisters. such a sweet girl.
Baby dude, for making us cry on multiple occasions, and bringing the family closer.
Ike, in all his weirdy glory. I love this kid. I'm grateful for his kindness, his patience, and his help with math homework. (but really)

I am lucky enough to live in a family that I don't want to move away from. In a house that I don't want to live out of. With parents who I don't fight with constantly. and in a neighborhood full of people I call second homes.

Just a few more. I'm grateful for the Whiteheads and EVERYTHING they do, and would do for me. The Robisons for letting me borrow stuff and crash the occasional dinner or game night. The Navasards for letting me keep babysitting at age 19 (hahaha) and especially Kelsey for talking me through all sorts of life-stuff!

Now not to braaaag or anythang, but I have way too many best friends. and I have to stop writing now. I'm grateful for alllll of you! You know who you are. I love everyone.

THE GOSPEL. my bed, Nadine, Crosby, Slappy, talents, Louis, Ella, Bing, Frank, my house, EVERYTHING.
I feel like someone at the Academy Awards. haha!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.



  1. hmm, Holly we are thankful that you are still willing to babysit our children at 19!! I told Paul one reason we can't move is because we will never find another Holly. Seriously sometimes I don't know how we'd survive without you.

  2. Oh man, I love you. Love love love. (and dude. Please go into your settings and make it so I don't have to type in the secret word every time I comment, cause it's getting harder and harder)