the weather is frightening

Today I sat at the bottom of a hill in a random neighborhood in my stake, crying my eyes out on the phone to my dad cause I was so scared to up the hill.
(sounds like a country song or a Gospel lesson, right? it's both)
anyways. I was straight up terrified. I had already spun out once, and I was not looking forward to that hill sliding me on back down.
I sat there talking to pops, watching other cars pass and go up, a 4x4 truck got stuck right in the middle of the hill, made it to the top, I got more scared.
Coach Gustin passed me, luckily he didn't see me bawling, although he would have gladly helped I'm sure.
I just kept having visions of myself sliding back down the hill, screaming my face off.
I mean, it wasn't even that big of a hill, but it was steeeeep.
Finally I got up the courage, put the phone on speaker, and made my way up. A few rough parts and a couple tears later, I was going 0 mph down the hill leading to center street, and I had never been so happy to see wet slush before in my life.

Like my facebook status said, I am INCREDIBLY grateful for my dad. He is just one of the most kind-hearted men I know, and so patient. I will not settle for a husband that isn't like him. It's just a straight-up essential in my life.

Also, shout-out to my boss Carissa. I was so traumatized, there was no way in HALE (or snow. I'm so funny) I was going back down that hill to work. nuh-uh. so I called her, and she told me not to worry about coming in. I am also grateful to HER for helping me get this job, and being an AWESOME boss.

I'm dramatic. get over it guyz.

have a nice Saturday tomorrow! I'll be doing CRAFTS at Craftapalooza! and the weather could not be better! HOLLA!

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