the sniffles...orsomethinglikethat

ok, I've been dreading this episode of Boy Meets World all day long.
It's the Ski trip. if you are human, you know what this means. It is the rough patch, the climax, the intense part of the whole relationship of the Cory and Topanga Relationship.
it is the worst. 
I might just skip ahead, because I know the sneak attack episode will soon be upon us.

Holly why have you been watching Boy Meets World all day? don't you have a life?

why yes, I do. but this thing called germs happened. I just took and passed a test on it, but I couldn't tell ya the actual process. and you don't want to know.
like Lily on HIMYM says, "If it's stomach stuff, you just tell people it's "the sniffles" or people will picture you doing unspeakable things!"
I had the sniffles.
(sorry for the mental image)

Now I don't.
So we got that goin' for us.

I am going to continue watching Boy Meets World now, with my lovely sister, whose home I am staying at for the week while her huuuuzband is across da country.
I did skip ahead, in case you were wondering.
we are in the college years now.


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