the commute

here. have a  listen to this while you read this post. (and if anyone could tell me how I can obtain a CD of theirs, just um. yeah. let me know. k thanks)

Today I am going to talk about "my commute"
now I honestly don't even know if I can call it that, because my 20 minutes is nothing compared to some people's 45 minutes.
nonetheless, I have to drive a ways to school every day.
It used to be a pain driving to lehi, but since...
A. My sisters have both lived up there and
B. I go to school at Thanksgiving Point, it has become a piece of cake.
WELL. A piece of cake... with raisins in it. (bringin' back the good ol' raisin metaphor. you're welcs)
Everyone hates construction, we all know that.
But in the words of my charming sister... "I am grateful for those construction workers"
because NOW my drive to work is cut ten minutes, and I don't have to worry about people around me pressuring me to speed.
you know, since I never speed.

Things I have learned:
1. I think freeway tailgaters are right up there with Miley Cirus and James Franco on my list. I mean COME ON PEOPLE. we are going 65 in a 55 zone, you are one shopping cart distance behind me, if I break, YOU'RE GONE. how stupid can you get.
2. Musicals make the time FLY and make the commute a real show. (get it? show on the road. ok)
but really. Les Mis and Wicked have saved my booty when I can't bare the drive anymore.
3. I have learned to slowly start conquering my fear of semi's because.. well I have to. UNLESS they are swaying semi's. then I just wanna call highway patrol. When I see a semi that is going around a curve nice and smooth, I just want to blow them a kiss.
4. the swagger wagon looooves his gas. $61 to fill. a quarter already gone. I'm upset. and I need a new car. anybody? anybody??
5. I'm also thinkinggg... whatever it is you are texting about, folks, can wait. put down. your effing. phone. and drive. If I'm ever EVER even tempted to make a call on the freeway, those commercials flash into my mind and I pretty much chuck my phone out the window.
Dont text and drive. idiots.

ok. well. that's all I have to say!
stay excellent always!

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