I was never really against, or annoyed with people that were obsessed with their dogs. 
but I just didn't really get it.
now I do.
We are not dog people, we are Samson people!
(actually, no matter what everyone here says, I think we are all slowly becoming dog people)

"have you ever considered giving your dog antidepressants?" G Wizzle once said.
common misconception.
he is CALM. that's what he is.
He doesn't like to show it, but he can be playful! he sure can.
He's also super super protective. 
A little bit dramatic too.
Right now, there are two little yappy dogs running around the house, and we have started calling Samson "Frank Barone" because he's just growling and being a Mr. Crankypants.

I now understand why people are obsessed with their dogs.
why they have them be in family pictures.
and why when they die, it's like a family member dies.
I'm pretty sure I would just cry for days.
Bless that Samson. Bless him.
besties 4 lyfe.

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