Robinson family Christmas Moviessss

I'm going to help you all out.
by telling you what Christmas movies you need to watch this season.
ok well, I'll just tell you the Robinson family favorites, that aren't the most common.

1. Mixed Nuts. it's one of the most quoted movies in our house. BUT... only watch this if you have a random and wonky sense of humor. random is the keyword.
2. The Family Stone. LOVE it. I mean, Dermot Mulroney AND Luke Wilson? and then there's Diane Keaton and Sarah Jessica Parker. and Rachel McAdams. BAM. It's a cute one.
3. Holiday Inn. I don't think even my family has seen this. but it's an all-time favorite of mine, and it's another one of those that you could watch in like, October or November and it'd be fine. and... Bing Crosby. It's cozy.
4. The Holiday. I love this one! It's a chick flick. super cute. not like THE BEST. but it's another cozy one. hahaha.
5. White Christmas. I'm guessing everyone has seen this one, it's a classic. oh. another Bing Crosby? k fine. 

I just finished a KILLER photoshoot of a friend's family. It was up at Wheeler Farms, which is apparently over-used in Salt Lake, but not in Utah Valley! bam! It was great.
and now I'm off to another one!

Have a SPLENDID day, all!

ho ho ho and.. stuff.

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