putting my life on the line

My heart goes out to those who have to suffer through high school these days,
where Instagram profiles are made for "the top most attractive girls"
I mean really, grow up.

It's enough that some girls don't get asked to dances while all of their friends do, and now there is an actual LIST of the most pretty girls to make all the others feel bad about themselves, when what they don't know right now, is that it doesn't matter.
I just don't GET IT.

Those girls are probably sweet and wonderful AND beautiful, but really?
Do they have to make a page about it?

I absolutely hate that.

It's none of my business, but then again, it is public, and it seriously concerns me! and this is my blog. soooo put that in your pipe and smoke it. 


ps. I know half the girls and I love them TO PIECES. I just don't like the idea.

Mischief managed. 


  1. Are you serious! This just made me sooo happy I'm not in high school anymore.

  2. I just saw that today and thought the same thing!!!! It is ridiculous. ALL the girls there are GORGEOUS!!!!!

  3. Clarification: All the girls meaning all the girls there at the High School