I go through obsessions.

my most current obsessions are as follows:

White Christmas lights.
New York
Mindy Kaling
Graphic Design
Socks (from target)
Target (not just current, obviously)
Louis Armstrong
Crosby Fitzgerald (coincidentally the people too)

there you have it.
OK and seriously? it is RIDICULOUS how much my mind changes about life plans. Don't you worry, I'm not dropping out of school or anything. Medical Assisting was never going to be my full-time career. it was always going to be a job to keep me floating, so I can get married and be a mom and have a decent job to fall back on.
But lately I have been obsessed with the idea of owning my own little shop. Just an Etsy shop, of course. But I have NOT ONE CLUE of how to begin or how to run it!
For serious, I need to get organized.
It will happen. My goal is to have it open by March 15. (that date has no importance... I just decided it's a good reasonable time frame)
If anyone has any advice... it is welcome with open arms and a loving, accepting heart :)

I've said this before. I know. BUT I'M GETTIN'  MORE SERIOUS!

and yes, there will be more than just Bows being sold. just you wait.

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