All I have to say is, I still haven't gotten over the happiness of November being here. 
Call me a fun sucker, a life ruiner, a stick in the mud, but I dislike Halloween. I love it for kids. but that is all.
So I am GLAD October is over. 

and now we can move along to the best holidays. 

There is no group of people I'd rather be with than my family (and we have two little baby bumps that will be babies next year!)
and that is what Thanksgiving is, and that is what Christmas is. 
Do you know what else Christmas is? 
Les Mis. 
It's Les Mis.
and I just really can't even contain my excitement. 

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  1. Me neither! October was sort of endless, and I feel like November is already going fast! I too love November- it's a happy time. My baby says hi.