my secret wish to Provo

So on instagram, I don't follow people unless their pictures are interesting, even if I don't know them.
Following people on Instagram, it makes me feel like I know them, ya know?
Like when I saw Mindy Gledhill at Target, I'd pretty much only heard a few of her songs (confession) but I follow her on instagram, so it's pretty much like we're besties. ya know?
A few others I follow on Instagram, and who I would be STOKED to meet, are these ladies:
(and their blogs)
Lady Hue.
Livy Love Designs (she tweets me back. such a sweet lady. and my graphic design HERO)
C Jane Kindrick
Darly Bird 
and of course Stephanie Nielson. that's an obvi.
oh and my new obsession, Sarah Jane Studios.

Following these inspirational ladies, I always learn about sweet events going on in Provo though! (and the occasional random farm in Lindon) 
but mostly provo.

My secret wish is to one day be a part of something like this...

I am SOOOO EXCITED. I hope it doesn't disappoint.
I really don't think it will.
alllllrighhhhtttttt I hope I didn't break some kind of rule by posting this picture.
pfft. free advertising is the way I see it.

So who's coming with me?!

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