if people from Utah are Utahn's, then what are people from Tampa? (HAAAAA)

Blogging twice in one day is ok if your best friend just got her mission call right?

One morning, I woke up to a message from Jessy on my answering machine. I listened to it, and it was pretty much like this... "*SQUEALINGLAUGHINGGIGGLING* SAM!! *SQUEAL* CALLED ME!!!*GIGGLES*OHHHMYGOSHHH!!!*LAUGH*FROMTHEAIRPORT!!!*SQEEEAL*" etc.
It was thee most giddy I have ever seen that child.

and that's how she was when she found out that she could put in her mission papers as soon as she pleased.

I am absolutely, incredibly, SO grateful for Jessy Russell. I don't even know what I did to deserve a friend like her, I'm a pain in the tush!
Tonight she was called to serve in Tampa Florida tonight, and alla dem black folks best be appreciatin' this white treasure dey got comin' down!
I mean for real, she's gonna be THE BEST missionary out there.
She doesn't leave till March 6, which is tooooo long for her taste, but of course she ain't complainin'. (I think Heavenly Father actually probably set that date partly for my sanity...)

I am emotionally drained. but so so so so so happy.

I'm going to bed nowwww.

OH B T DUBS. I had a dream about a month ago that she was listening to her Rosetta Stone in church, focusing very hard, learning spanish.
and LO AND BEHOLD, she is going Spanish speaking!!
also, not to brag on, but I guess Alabama. I was the closest. go me. k bye.


  1. Haha, I personally believe that the blog posts that are written that late at night are the funniest. Go Holly (and Jess - that's awesome :))

  2. Oh our little Jessy! Don't worry- my baby will keep you company while Jessy is gone. You'll be busy changing her diapers. (baby's, not Jessy's.)