Also after Also

I would just like everyone to know that it has been 
1 week and 2 days since the young Jessica and I have seen eachother. 
it is a disgrace.
and a new record.

also I bought some red and green fabric today to make Christmas bows (mainly for little girls, but ya know. I'll throw in some big girl ones too) as well as some black lace fabric upon request. so ya know. tell your moms. 

ALSO. I'm having trouble with me blog. trouble deciding, that is. deciding what I want the look to be. gah. bear with me.

ALSOOOO. go here :)

Also. While I have loved livin' the roomie life with my sister while her sweetie-poo is across the country, I am so excited to sleep in my own bed in the same house as my own mum tomorrow night.
oh that's sad. 
sad but true. mama's gurrrl 4 lyfe.
This blog should be renamed "confessions of a pathetic home-body" until I get married. I mean until I move out. 
meh. growing up. who needs it?


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