aimlessly bloggin'

Maybe, just mayyybe, my favorite Armstrong + Fitzgerald songs. ^^^

My brother is engaged!! WHAAAT?! Sooo so happy for them.

I cleaned my room. two thumbs up. 

Someone just think of an Etsy shop name for me... PLEASE. and anything having to do with hollyhocks is already taken. blah. BLAAAHHH.

This kid that works at my work, we always bump into eachother. not literally. but out of everyone that works there, we see eachother in the parking lot all the time. almost to an awkward point. I thought he was kind of a too-good-for-anyone dude, and then today we were both walking from the parking lot, and he had his scriptures in his hands. what the awesome. 
you win, tall dark and handsome. you're a winner.

I put gas in Crosby today (hahahahahaa) and it only costed THIRTY-THREE DOLLARS to fill him up. can we marvel at that fact right now for a sec? that's HALF of what it took for swaggy. 
bless you, Crosby Fitzgerald. 

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  1. Umm there's probably a reason you always bump into each other. Flirt with him. I don't know how to do that, but you can figure it out.