who needs a doctor?

remember when I had back problems a while back?
they magically disappeared. but then RUDELY re-appeared last night/ this morning.
and they are worse this time.
thanks to WebMD, I have diagnosed myself. (my mom did part-way too)
I have a herniated disk. (my mom said it's just a bulging disk, but I just know it's more than that.)
and I have one day to live. but not really.

you see, this is what' goin down (I know you don't care, but I have to be dramatic cause nothing ever happens to me. I'm not saying this is good. it actually sucks LEMONS. but here. ok.)
That thing there on the left, that's a disk.
and that little bulge, is the herniation of said disk.
you see that yellow thing? that's a nerve. the herniation of said disk is causing said nerve to be pinched.
and it is causing me to GASP in PAAAIN at every movement, and it definitely feels like someone is stabbing me in the back.
it's muy uncomfortable to walk, unless I walk with my torso bending forward, in a grandma-like way. (oh look, another way I'm just like a grandma)
I'm not going to school tomorrow, instead I'm watching chick flicks with my bff all day, and crocheting a scarf.
another bright side, my mom said this hurts worse than an epidural.

now lets do some math... I've had a kidney stone and they said that's worse than child birth.
I've had this, which is worse than an epidural (and in the same area)
VOILA . I've had a baby.

hahahaha. that was a joke, moms.

ok I'm done complaining now! I promise.

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