white stuff.

Blogs are SO great because you can talk about the snow, but you won't be one of the millions of FB friends doing it. (it's not bugging me this time for some reason. maybe I'm becoming softer)

I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or just be like "k cool"
or REJOICE because this is a good sign that we'll have an actual winter, and even though I'm not the BIGGEST fan of snow, it was hard for me to get into the holiday spirit last year! that sounds dumb. but really people, I know I'm not the only one. Utah just plain needs snow to be Utah. and Christmas. and Thanksgiving. and let's be real, Halloween.

My first reaction was "AHH!!" (if you know me, you know that little yelp I do. a lot. ((emily. ahhh. ahhhhhhhh.))) followed by walking outside and being like, "WHYYYYY?"

but guys I promise, I'm really fine with it. I have NOTHING to complain about as far as windshields go, because by the time I have to drive to school, the sun comes out and the snow on my car is melted. and on the mornings I have to take Isaac to school, he's stud and wipes my windows for me. (for now.) hey. I'm just teaching him to be a good husband for someone one day. you're welcome, future sister-in-law.

ALSO. I like the snow if I'm inside. under a blanket, in a hoodie and sweats. I'm not gonna say drinking hot coco, because it's kind of hard to drink hot coco laying on a couch. NEEDLESS to say that is what I'm doing right now. Not drinking hot chocolate. the rest of it. don't you listen?

LAST NIGHT. Jessy and I decided to be fun. (as opposed to laying on the couch watching movies and TV shows. we ruuule) and this is what we did!

HARRY POTTA over here is mine...( it looks like it's not carved out. it is.)
and that boring other one is Jessy's. just kidding. 
IS THAT NOT AMAZING? That woman has the patience of.. someone really patient. 
what. an. artist.
we were up till 1. I am tired.

happy .... Thursday!!! (I'm allll mixed up)
and tomorrow I shall be writing all bout the craft I had time to do over the weekend!

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  1. ok, jessy's pumpkin? Seriously that girl is amazing. She needs to come to Fright Fest next year and teach us how to do stuff like that. Your's is good too. :)