weird topic tuesday. please don't judge me.

I almost just gathered a search team, cause I couldn't find my night gown.
you heard me right, I said nightgown.
this item of clothing dates back to the beginning of mankind. Women would often wear them to bed, or whilst they were ill.
They suddenly stopped being worn, when the world said women could wear pants.
hahaha. I don't know what I'm saying. But what I AM SAYING... is I don't know why no one wears them anymore.
they. are. FREAKING. comfortable.
and if you ask me, comfort trumps beauty.
Thank you Target, for making these wonderful oversized and lonnnggg T shirt nightgowns, and selling them for $5 (clearance, mind you)
 Mine is knee-length, but I dream of hope to one day (cough. bridal shower) have one of those long white ones like pioneers wore. (Emily and Jill, you know how I love my pioneers.)
they sell them at Broadbents! and they are SO CUTE.
I feel so bad for the man who marries me.

MOVING ON from that weird topic.
It is officially my fall break from school. so that's just REALLY happy and stuff. But oh, what is this? I am laying in my bed at 8:53? yup. that is what my life is.
but I am craving a cheeseburger for REAL, so that might be happening soon.

NEXT WEEK the sisters, mom and I are heading up to Park City for some shopping and "TREAT YOURSELF 2012" ... that's what I'm gonna call it. (parks & rec. anybody? anybody?)

I'm not even going to post this link on my facebook, because it's frankly too embarrassing.
no it's not. I'm ok with how weird I am.

Peace and love to all!
love, Grandma holl.


  1. I too have recently discovered night gowns. I got a couple in Scotland and realized that they are just a marvel! (not to mention my AWESOME spiderman one...remember? (I met my boyfriend on the web...) Anyways, I feel slightly irritated that you didn't tell me about the 5 dollar clearance.

  2. This makes me think of HIMYM when Barney makes fun of Marshall for wearing a night shirt, but then ends up loving it! Ha! Love that show, and Love you!