There's a point in not being able to fall asleep, where you just give up and open your laptop again.

I started watching White Christmas (I don't care if it's October. I just needed me some Bing)
Closed the computer, tried to sleep.
tried watching an episode of Parks & Rec
turned it off, tried to sleep.
stalked through instagram.
put the ipod down, tried to sleep.
Turned on a conference talk by Pres. Monson, DEFINITE fail.
If anything, it woke me up more. that man knows how to give a talk.
so yeah, fail.

It doesn't help when your friend is sending hideous (and I mean mother gothel HIDEOUS) pictures of herself to you. THAT girl knows how to make an ugly face. a few resembling Perry the Platypus to a creepy level. and a few with a remarkable amount of double-chins. bravo.

I don't know why I'm awake. I've been going to bed a decent hours this week! I wish, ohhhh I WISH we could turn off thoughts, but then they'd turn back on the minute you fell into actual sleep. still want ma dreams.

(this just in: a text from jessy... "Moooommm I'm scaring myself with my face.")

oh, I was thinking tonight... there are two things that I unapologetically dislike:
1. Twilight
2. Taylor Swift
... 3. Ginger Snaps

I'm getting sleepy and taking advantage of it nnnnnnnnoooowww...

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