teacups and a picture that will make your day.

I have a few weird obsessions. Target sports bras, watching people's hands as they play the piano, scrapbook paper, the list goes on and on...

one strange one is teacups and coffee mugs. I LOVE many colored mugs. My Etsy favorites will blow. your. mind. Type in "Retro Mugs" and you will be in my wonderland. When I go to Target, I am always so tempted to buy the cute teacups / coffee cups they have, but then I have to remind myself that I don't own my own kitchen. Amanda got me THE CUTEST tea cup for my birthday from Anthropology. See, I would walk into that store and walk out with only a tea cup.

that is so weird, huh? yeah, it's weird.

also.... I have 53 bows for ju to buyyy!

Also, this should brighten up your day. I look at it at least 5 times a day.

My mom openly admits that she doesn't think any of her grandkids will be as cute as tripp. 
remember him from this photoshoot?! 
What a big boy he is now! and I would like it to be known, that I did not photoshop his eyes AT ALL. they are always that blue, and looooook at those CURLS. 

K I'm done.
I'm gonna go play the piano. I think I'm gonna make it a point to play the piano a few times a week, so I don't completely lose it. (not that I ever had it)

Happy Tuesday! Stay golden! 

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  1. Yes! Play the piano! (and continue your studies about pioneers and Salt Lake City). That picture of Tripp... oh my gosh. You could make money. What a beautiful beautiful child. I agree with mom. And that jacket! Man. I'm dyin' over here.