so we got that goin' for us

My blog looks like a rug from the 1970s. And I like it.

I am done with work for the weekend, and I have nothing to do over the weekend, that I'm not happy about. So that's great.

Tomorrow, I go to school, then I'm taking a few lovely senior girls up the canyon for a little shoot for fun. It's just been way too long since I've done a photoshoot for the halibut. I need that sometimes!

Saturday, I have NO PLANS, and that's the way I like it. Me and my mom are going to work on my quilt though! So we got that goin' for us.
and then that night I get to hang with the coolest kids on the block! can I get a whoop whoop?

I've procrastinated like, 4 times just tonight. The first time was because my good friend and neighbor Cole got home from his mission, and I just HAD to go see him! Seriously you guys, those situations are like.. surreal. it's like meeting a movie star. but it's really just a friend that's been gone for 2 years.
that is a long time, by the way!
THEN of course I started watching Parks and Recreation. (Don't judge me for my current obsession)... then I finished the seasons on Netflix (for the second time in a month. sshhh) so I was like, "OK HOLLY. now there is nothing else to watch, so it's QUITE the perfect time to study for your test"
so I did. for a good half hour, mind you! but then I got on here.... I can't remember why I got on here again. but now, I'm obviously writing this post.

I'm gonna stop procrastinating now, and study this POISONOUS and dreadful chapter about patient charting.
hate hate hate. I would just like to get to the blood and stuff now.

Stay golden!

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