Fall breakin'

I don't think I have anything to blog about in particular.
I've been fall breakin' for 3 days, sooo you could say the computer wasn't my best friend.

actually it probs was. it usually is. ohhh my life..

on Thursday, I hung out with my pals. Nothing out of the ordinary... but we actually went somewhere instead of just sitting around watching shows! so go us!!

On Friday, I took Macey and Miles out for the day. I used to take them swimming every couple of weeks, up at my sister's house. It kept us allll entertained. So since we obviously couldn't swim, I decided to take them up to Discovery Park, since A. I had an errand to run and B. that place is pretty much BOSSSSSSS. sooo many childhood memories there!!
anyways... anyone remember what the weather was like that day? that's right. POURING rain. It was just sprinkling at first, but then came the downpoor. (I'm exaggerating. ((OH MY GOSH THAT IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE SPELLED THAT WITHOUT FAILING)) well the rain didn't stop those two! We had lots of fun, even with woodchips stuck to soaking wet pants... thank goodness for baby wipes. THEN we went to Provo Beach Resort for some Icecream, Macey had her first Banana Split, and we rode the Carousel! BAH. Good bonding time. I love them.
oh and then I went to the Mac house with amanda and katie, and I introduced everyone to Meet Me In St. Louis. They loved it. I'm so happy.

On SATURDAY... I was a big girl, and I got my ears pierced! So darn exciting. Thanks Mal, for not charging $30 and thank you Jessy, for making me go, and not laughing at me too much. The rest of the day was a blur. but I think it was good!

Here are some pictures of the M&M bonding time. crappy quality, because I had to use Nadine's cousin, a little midget camera. 

surprised I made it across that bridge with my zero-traction boots. plus I already fell on my butt earlier. on solid ground. hahaha.

talkin' on the phone thinger!

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