big ol' previews up in hur

I had back-to-back photoshoots on saturday. I'm not gonna lie, I was stressin' a little bit. even though they were both friends and they were both photogenic, I was like, "why did I double-book ma saturday!?"
but I'm glad I did.
because now when I get sick of editing one, I can scrolllll down the line to the other one and edit that one!
Both of them were seriously SO good and so fun!!

The first was of Leann, my friend from high school, and a faithful customer! She is about to put in her papers and wanted me to take some mission pictures, and some for fun. so we went over to my neighbor's magical backyard, it was the right location choice.
This girl is AWESOME. and straight-up photogenic. like, one of the most photogenic people I know.

And there was this random girl amanda.. I don't even know her and she BEGGED me to take her pictures... KIDDING! It was my actual kindred spirit (one of many) and best friend FOREVER. I don't know anyone quite like this child. and I say that with many different meanings ;) haha. She is one SWEET girl, anddd suriously. hilarious. I would tell you a story about how we made up a little tune, on the spot, at the same time, in our own minds, with no planning or knowledge, never hearing it before, AT THE SAME TIME. but you probably wouldn't believe me.
I love her with my WHOOOOLE HEART.
she be hawt.

k really though. she is BEAUTIFUL. and one of the OTHER most photogenic people I know. ahh I cannot HANDLE this much beauty in one post! 

both made it easy to get good candid shots. which you know, I love.
ok now hold on. we have one more picture. brace yourselves for the coolest piece of a location. 
It's probably my favorite. 

this is something you only see on cussin' movies! RIGHT?!
I mean, I loved it before from the outside. 
but going in there was even MORE magical!! 
I'm glad I was with ladies who appreciated it as much as I did! (that's the beautiful Milan in the corner. Katie was wandering somewhere with the chickens. this was before she locked us in.)
oh this shoot was a killer. I can't wait to show more pictures!

Anyways. moral of the story: double-booking is ok cause sometimes the models are awesome and amazing and lovely.

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