what does "ique" mean?

Well life is good.
This lovely saturday was spent with GREAT people, and then more great people, and then MORE great people.
all different great people.

Besides finding out that Man in the Moon antiques is GONE (heart is broken.) the antiquing and botiquing was just successful. (what's with the "Ique"?) The lovely Megan was in town, so we took Mariah and Emma, Easton's little seesters and hit the shops. (well. just the two)

We checked out this new shop called The Harmony Shop. Um, I must say. I'm in LOVE. it just barely opened yesterday, and holy crud guys.
It is literally pinterest in a shop. but maybe even better and more original.
There is fabric, yarn, fabric, annnd a special room filled with Darlybird's creations. HOLY MOLY. I love her, and her imagination. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING.
The people working there are so genuine and it's just a little family-owned bidness. thriving, for opening just yesterday.
In case you is wondering, it's on the corner of 300 East and Center in Provo.

So that was that.
I came home and ate pizza, watched the first half of the Holy War, and then me and Katie and Amanda drove around listening to Christmas music.
Pfft. Stop judging. It makes us WAY HAPPY soooo we will blast our Christmas Music LOUD AND PROUD!
A special thanks to those 4 houses in Lindon and PG areas for having Christmas lights up. Bless you.

now I need to update my photography blog more, even if it's just personal photos.
so head over there for some pictures of Mace and Miles I snapped earlier this week!

 Have a lovely Sunday, even if the Utes are stupid. :)

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