well CRAP. two posts in one day. but the only reason this is a post, is because it was too long to put in a tweet, and too good not to share.

I'm so proud of this kid, and so glad he's been my best friend for 5 years. (kuddos for putting up with me ;)

"I had an interesting thought yesterday when someone asked us how we felt getting rejected all the time. Elder Dite replied that Jesus got rejected over and over and He never gave up. So I pointed to my name on my name-tag and said, "This name might give up when things get hard, but this name never will" pointing to Jesus Christ. I taught myself a good lesson there. That I couldn't do this alone. It is because it isn't just my name on the tag that I can do what I do everyday. And thats true for every missionary. And every member. When we are baptized we take upon ourselves the name of Christ and so we have Him on our side every step of the way. What a great promise. :)"

that's easton, by the by.

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