There is broth on the ceiling

yesterday, I spent a good ten minutes tetrusing (it's a word. tetrus-ing) a shopping cart and a chair into the back of my car. I'm sure my neighbors were watching out their window laughing and enjoying the show.
It was all for a photoshoot. The whitehead chicks got all dolled up and look HAWWWT If I may say so.

But a funny thing happened, called, I got rear-ended and the domino effect took over. so 4 cars were involved, NO ONE was hurt, just some teeny whiplashes and headaches.
oh, and get this. the only car that was really damaged was the guy who hit me, (the cause of it all). Crunch Berry (there is a reason his name is CRUNCH berry) only suffered a SINGLE little tiny crack on the bumper.

anyways. Sarah happened to be eating Romen Noodles at the time of the crash. now picture my car getting a BIIIIG BUMP, and then hitting the car in front of us causing another BIIIG BUMP.
and now add an open thermos 'o' noodles to that. voila. hilarious. (oh duh, someone was hurt a little more. Sarah's bruise-by-thermos)
so now I get to go clean dry noodles out of my car. which FLEW from hell to breakfast.

The guy that caused the accident was just SO nice, and SO sorry, and making sure us girls in particular, were A-OK. It was one of those situations where you just feel SO bad that someone feels so guilty! and I mean, he should. I feel bad that he was kinda being a dumb driver. but hey, we were all fine! as were the 2 more cars in front of me.

Also, HOLY GHOST MOMENT. I had forgotten my license, and I remembered when we were about 5 minutes out. I decided to go back and get it. which is a SUPER good thing. cause you know (See drama above)

I'm so so sooo happy that the big guy upstairs protected us, told me to go back and get my license, and got us in the habit of wearing seat belts (amanda would have bumped her head head big time)

In the words of my loving sister, "I just think it's crazy that you get in so many accidents but it's never your fault. cause... you're a crazy driver!"

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