the oatmeal-raisin cookie of adulthood.

I always hear people say "I have no time for that!" and I'm like, "PLEASE you can make time for it."
but holy crickets. I now know what they were saying, and I take it all back!
I looked at my photoshoot bucket list and I was like, DANG girl. you had all summer and only one thing is crossed off.
I want more time. I mean, it's not gonna happen any time soon, I know that. but we can HOPE!
I want to learn to paint with watercolors.
and I want to make those stop-motion videos I created on a piece of paper.
I want to do those fun photoshoots that I put on my new years resolution.

but man, this whole "grown up" thing bites. and I have a feeling I've only nibbled on that big oatmeal raisin cookie of adulthood. (explaination of that kick-A metaphor: I love oatmeal cookies, but I'm not a HUGE fan of raisins. Being a grownup can be fun, but it can also have it's raisins)
Sometimes you have to swallow the raisins, peeps.  (cause spitting them out would not be very lovely)

the point of this post is about to change dramatically. y'all.

Here's the thing. for lots of people, this is the HIGH point of your life. and for some, it's an awkward point. for me it's mostly awkward and boring. but that ain't ma point.
Even if all I do is go to school, go to work, and watch TV for the rest of the night, I'm still happy. and there are some muy importante things I keep close to be that happy person.

--wait. before you read. I don't want you guys to think I'm ALWAYS happy. Of course I have my bad moods where I just wanna eat smores and cry. but speaking generally, I'd say I'm gleeful. (I was getting sick of the H word)

1. Having a good relationship with my family, especially the sweet ones who birthed me. My parents are unreal, and if I were the type to fight with my parents, I don't know what KIND of mess I'd be in. Amigos, that is an important key. Respect your parentals, cause they love you even when you are sassy.

2. Having a good relationship with the Big Guy upstairs. (like my capitalization?) Keep. the Gospel. in your life. It is the ONLY way to be happy. Cause guess what? It's all true, and it's all very very real. From something as small as taking a test, to something as big as who to marry. He'll always be there to listen.

3. Never lose hope. your life might be awkward. and stressful,and CRAZY. You might not see a light at the end of the tunnel, but don't worry. just keep driving and you'll see it. (Like that lonnnggggg tunnel in the Rockies on your way to Denver. remember that one? it curves, so you can't see daylight. but you can sure see those lightbulbs helping you along the way! oh look. another metaphor. brilliant) but really. Just hold on to hope. It's a cliche for SURE, but as was said on Lost, "Hope is a very dangerous thing to lose". That Indian guy who's name I cannot spell, was RIGHT.

4. Remember to breathe. It's not the end of the world. Let the chips fall where they may. Go with the flow. Let nature take it's course. (?) and remember the plan. Also, sometimes don't hang out with anyone, just stay at HOME on a Friday night and maybe sew 30 bows and watch romantic comedies. It's called "me time" K? (and don't ask me how that beginning part tied in with the middle part and the end part)

5. Remember what I said the other day? about telling yourself (outloud) "TODAY WILL BE A GOOD DAY" ... just think of that all day. when something or someone really just ticks you off, be like OHHHHHH NUH UH. No one ain't gon' be ruinin' today fo me! And I promise... I sincerely promise... that if you say that out loud like you from da hood, you will smile and then that smile will stick.
k wait, only say that out loud if you're alone. please.

THERE you have it. 5 keys for being happy. I mean, there are more. but I'm on the verge of Carpal Tunnel over here.

If anyone needs me, I'll be dreaming.
And if anyone needs me tomorrow night, I'll be prepping for that Bow Shindig I told you guys about. 



  1. I love you and I love your blog! I do everything in my power to pick raisins out of the cookie, as much as I try to pick peas out of ... anything. But it's true- sometimes there are just raisins that sneak in there. If you ever need to vent about an awkward life, I've been in your place before. I'm super proud of how awesome you are though, cause I think you have a lot better attitude than I did. Keep your chin up sista girl!

  2. oy, i needed this big time miss holly. spanks.