that's gotta be a record. 3 days of no blogging.

I've been busy, but in a gooood way! I love being busy, cause it makes me feel productive.
And I just got a really cute planner. so that makes me feel productive too.

I have job now. It's at Response Marketing. ok ok stop your snickering. Instead of calling mean people, I get to listen to other people call mean people and rate their calls.
so like, boring. but not AS boring as the wester-wats-like job.
my shifts are 4-8 Monday- Thurs (I think. it could be friday. it's probably friday. thursday is too good to be true)

IIII have nothing else to say. life is boring and great.

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  1. Yay! A job! Now you can buy my baby pretty things!!! (or handsome. depending.)