Saturday is a special day.

Last night, I stayed up WAY passed the point at which I would have hit the sac, and sewed my heart out.
Thank you to the faithful gals that came and bought! I made a good little wad of cash, which I will now be using at a farmers market antique thing I saw on Mindy Gledhill's instagram. (seriously, she's always at the coolest yard sales and shops! so excited!)

anyways, I have TONS OF BOWS left. So if you still want to come pick one out, text me and we'll work it out. (and I'm not an awkward person, so don't feel awkward or anything about coming to my house. and my dog won't bite. then again, my cat might.)

... I don't think I can look at my sewing machine for another week or so. my fingers hurt. did you know that your fingers can get sore from that much sewing? cause they can. Also, be careful when sewing, not stick your finger in the way of the needle. cause that needle hath no mercy. it won't see your finger and be like, "OHH IT'S A FINGER I BETTER FREEZE!"
no. it'll go right through. but don't worry, it was paper-cut status. I lucked out.

After Jill and I go to that antique sale thinger, I am doing the WHITEHEAD FAMILY PICTURES!
I am beyoooondddd excited you guys!! My second family, not to mention they are just great looking people! with killer style, might I add.

Oh and then! Jessy and I are heading to the Velour to enjoy the lovely vocal stylings of miss Jenn Blosil! 8 'clock, peeps. Party!

K well imma lay my head to rest now. cause I am FLIPPIN' tired.

bye now! Happy Saturday! 

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