Right now I am sitting on a comfy couch with the favorite blanket (sorry fam. Clepto over here.) in a retro apartment, watching HIMYM, while our lovely hostess Megan and her roommate make us breakfast.
What the AWESOME?

Me and jessy decided it was time to visit Jill, our friend that got married.... 3 months ago.
Too long. Embarrassingly long.

(Remember just yesterday when going to Logan was a roadtrip? Ohhh HA.)

Anyways. We tried to surprise Jill, but a husband can only go so long secretively texting until his wife steals his phone and ruins the surprise.
She tried to act surprised. But the lack of tears gave it away.

Today we will venture off to the antiques! If only it were cloudy. Then the day would be real live perfect.

Happy Saturday!

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