Remember how I said the job I was getting isn't as bad as the actual telemarketer?
cause I sit and listen to calls instead of make them?
Remember how I said it would be better?
well it ain't.

ok ok. it's only been a day. but I was having some SERIOUS Western Wats flashbacks.
I just need to remind myself that it pays quite well.
I'll try not to quit.

OK new topic.
the MA program at MATC generally takes a year. the last four months being an externship.
That stage is kind of like a doctor choosing which specialty they want to go into. except instead of being at the TOP of the medical career food chain, I'm at the veryyyy bottom.

My first choice would be an OBGYN. cause I love pregnant people and babies and all that.
the cons: lookin' at lady parts all day. but I could probably handle it. so it's not a deal breaker.

My second choice would be a pediatrician. Obviously cause I love kids, and I'd be around them all day.
The cons: I would not be someone the kids love in this situation, and I am the baby whisperer. so I don't know how I'd feel about kids punching and screaming at me. ;)

Third choice would be Family Medicine. all sorrrts of people come in! my mom brings home many a good story from work. I would LOVE to work where my mom works, but we don't mix bidness with family. or friends.

WELP! good thing I don't have to decide for another 8ish months.



  1. So here's the thing. Come January I'll need a job in Utah County. A well-paying job. So. Keep me posted on the tolerability.

  2. I....am pregnant. So you love me. Sorry your job is no so good.

  3. i see the words 'western wats' and i want to barf. in fact, i want to make a dramatic scene about my barfing with all the sound effects and such. because i hate it that much.