our day in the 60s. and stuff.

WARNING: If you follow me in instagram or are friends with me on FB, you're probably hating on me for talking about my day so much. ha.
I'm going to be totally honest with y'all. Usually, when I go to Logan, it's pretty uneventful.
but Jess and I went up to surprise Jill and visit Megan yesterday, and um. well.
this is how it went.
We got there, and "surprised" her (see last post) and had a lovely night of Texas Roadhouse (a bit of a tradition, I say.) and watched a movie!
We planned on staying with our friend Megan. (we used to say "Easton's girlfriend megan" but now we can just say "our friend" cause um. bffs.) Bless her soul, we got there and she welcomed us in to her adorrrable retro little apartment and made us some Herbal Tea! whaaaat?
I felt cool.
Jessy loved it, I liked the smell. and didn't hate the taste. hahaha.
We stayed up and watched some HIMYM, and then woke up this morning and watched some mooore...
Megan and Megan (Megan's roommate. WHAAAT?) made us a FREAKING good breakfast (my shirt smells like it still. not kidding.) and then we got ready, picked up Jill, and headed for the antique shops!

There are three big ones, but we decided to stick with the two closers. (I know. we are SUCH nerds. antiquing. oh dear. love us.) We found some treasures, and spent the last 20 minutes trying on rings. (such girls;). After finding wonderous treasures, and listening to Ella, Louis, and Frank in between, we went to the Bluebird Cafe for lunch, and a sundae.

I pretty much felt like we were in the 1940s all day. it was PRIME. (and the overcast weather made it 10X better)

I loved spending the day bonding with my favorite people!
 yeeeah!! two new members of my collection. 

 and two new members of my other collection. probably my favorite right now.

 NERD ALERT. ok but really isn't that cool? I'm going to make it a bracelet or something. (I was on a search for the oldest penny I could find. I naturally had to buy it. thanks jess for spotting it. again)
so old. 

the lovely megan pulling a gene kelly! (it was raining I promise)
K listen. you see that beauty up in the right corner with that adorable blue dress on?
We made her try it on, cause obviously someone had to. and it ended being stunning, and guess how much? 15 bucks. BAH. too good. 

ok I'M DONE now. haha. bye.

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