nerd time tuesday

I just have some thoughts.
So now would be a good time to stop reading if you don't want to hear ramblings of old movies.

FIRSTLY. Somewhere in Time. Just watched it for the first time. Um, LOVED it. in a weird way. I mean, it's sooo so so Seventies it's a joke. Especially the end when he's pretty much dying.  I was legitimately FREAKED out cause he looked LEGITIMATELY dead.
Also, Christopher Reeve is like a retro Christian Bale to me. (well. besides the beautiful way Christian talks. mmmm can't beat it)
Remember the part where Elise is having her picture taken, and he tells her to smile, and she's doing this weird awkward smile thing, but then she sees him and smiles? well it's adorable and I love it.
anyways. I've decided that I am a big fan of movies taking place in Victorian times. (is that a thing?)

SECONDLY. I'm watching The Great Gatsby now. I've seen this, but not since Jr. Year. I, unlike everyone else on the planet loved the book. and the movie. probably because it appeals to my old-fashioned side. (which is a big side)
anyways. I have been so excited for the new and improved (thankfully) movie coming out this Christmas. But I hadn't thought to watch the trailer... until just barely.
so I did. I watched the trailer. and dudes, I'm confused. as I should be. cause... it's from the makers of Moulin Rouge, and that whole movie left me like, "WHAT the hale is going on right now?" through pretty much the whole thing. but I still liked it.
So um, watch the trailer and be weirded out and excited with me.
Leo.. oh Leo.


K, well! happy almost-Wednesday! 

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