kids & autumn!

At this moment, I am living off a 15 dollar check from babysitting and my disneyland jar. (which is pretty much starving)
I'm not saying I've ever been rich, but I've always had like, enough to money to buy fries. pfft. 

JUST waitin' on that paycheck. friday could not come faster.

IN HONOR of my empty pockets, and my love for fall + kids, I am offering kid photoshoots for FORTY FIVE DOLLA! This is a big deal guys.  and it's only for the month of October!
ok not really, but I DO consider these tiny humans to be my best models.
Tell your mommy friends and stuff! 
You'll get around 50 pictures of your tiny humans, and I thiiink you'll be happy. 
Oh! ages 10 and under. 

here are some of my favorite kid shoots! (I apologize in advance for the majority being macey and miles. actually I don't apologize. they're adorable)

Still, one of my most favorite pictures I've ever taken. 
and I am indecisive! 

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