It is my favorite part of the movie. FAVORITE PART.
John Truett proposes, and then Judy Garland enlightens us with the best Christmas song ever written.
have you ever SEEN "Meet Me in St Louis"? it's pretty much one of the nerdiest things about me. Even though it takes place around 1910, it is SO relatable to all girls. It is a story about "the boy next door", and boy is he a looker.
You can come watch it with me if you want.
but if you get bored, I WILL call you uncultured, and you can't blame me for wasting your hour on a movie you hated. (except when that happened to me, it was a movie EVERYONE hated. eh hem. cough. jessy. cough. rango. cough.)

Remember this post? Well it's pretty much exactly how I'm feeling right now.
But instead of watching it over and over out of excitement for Christmas, I'm watching it cause it's my comfort movie.
and I need me some comfort.
Cause life is beating me up. (ok. it's not really that bad. it's just this whole "grown up" thing is reeeeally downing my vibe)

Well uhhh... I got rid of the old school recliner in my room, in hopes that the clutter will decrease.

 I hope you're all happy! And if life beats you up, uhh... don't let it win. just smile.

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