good deeds and happiness.

This morning on the way to school, there was no heavy traffic. And there was no one tailing me on the freeway. that always happens to me, when I am going PLENTY fast.
anyways, so since that wasn't happening, I decided to make it be a good day.

Just a few minutes after I decided that, I was between the Lehi Main exit and the 2100 North exit (my exit) and I saw an old-ish man walking down the freeway! I was like, WHAH? and then I saw that he was walking back to his truck, with it's hazards on.
I wanted to stop and help him, but I was running a little late. I felt bad, that poor old man! I love old people so much. but I literally went about 100 yards and in my rear-view mirror I saw a black car stop a ways up from the man's truck, and then back up to help him.
It made me so happy.
Good deeds are what make the world go round, guys.
That person had somewhere to be, but they probably love old people too and decided to help a brotha out.
Sometimes it's hard to remember to be helpful and positive. but just remember!

Do something nice for someone today. (or tomorrow cause it's a little late in the day right now)
Smile a little more, and decide to be happy.
It's just about the most cliche thing to say. but it works.

I'm going to work in half hour, and I am going to decide to be happy and positive about it. And maybe if I decide that my back won't hurt, then my back won't hurt and I wont want to die for the last two hours of work.

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