7 things I felt I needed to say. out of boredom.

Well, I practiced two spelling tests (what? spelling tests? serious? did you skip back to 4th grade? yes)
aaand copied down what a bunch of "legal" mumbo-jumbo means.
so, I think I've done my part reguarding school for the day. (but I'll probably go study more cause I'm weird like that)

1. I cleaned my room. WELL, not really cleeeaned. but I put alla my clothes away, which makes me about 300 times happier when I'm in here.
2. My baby girl or boy is a 4 month old fetus!! ok not MINE. my sister's. but you know. Did you know, that I have been SO excited to be an aunt for ma WHOLE LIFE? (I think) Lets all HOLLA for a baby gurrrrl.
3. I am currently talking FOUR friends through Grey's Anatomy, as they venture to watch the series for the first time. Now I know how Jessy feels (Except I think Grey's is uh.. dare I say... better than Vampire Diaries) ... It makes me want to be watching it for the first time too!
5. Did I tell you that I watched a human dissection on a video the other day? and then a real live NEKED man walked in and strutted his stuff? needless to say, when that butt turned ever-so-slowly around, my virgin eyes were horrified and I LAUGHED. I laughed people. OK? just... I know.
6. JUST in case I haven't covered this on all other social media portals (huh?), check out the amaaaazing Jenn Blosil. I would be utterly shocked if you haven't heard of her, and you're friends with me. cause I don't travel far out of the Mountain View realm of humans. (getting too creative with words now.) She is too cool. and a GENUINE person.
7. I would fancy a trip out of Utah Valley right now. any takers on taking me outta here?

ok, if I go on, I'll just ramble about pretty much nothing.

Happy LUNES.

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  1. My comments on-
    #2- Made me get a tear in my eye. Cause I'm pregnant. And I'm really happy the you're going to be my baby's aunt. oh man... crying again.
    #5- Someday when you're older I'll tell you a funny story