Yesterday. was prime.

I got up and did boring morning stuff, then swung by and picked up Macey and Miles to go up to my sister's for a swim.
I have never ventured to the pool with both of them by myself before. so I was prepared to be worn DOWN by end.
We got to the pool, and it was EMPTY. empty. we stayed for an hour and a half, and it was easy breezy and beautiful. Macey showed me all of her tricks, and um I don't mean to brag about the cool kids I babysit but... she can breathe underwater. it's true. I've seen the bubbles myself.

I had some errands to run up in Lehi, and I felt daring. I didn't even have to bribe them that much to be good. Only a couple runaways + completely ignoring me when I'm yelling "MILES! MIIIIILES! COME BACK!" at my future school. (I'm sure everyone that saw me there probably thinks I'm a mom now.)

I had to go to Broadbents,  and boy did they LOVE it. I bought them little plastic animals. they are probably lost by now. (or at least Miles') ... maybe I should have more faith in that little animal. they were just really small!!

After being so good for me, I told them I'd take them to McDonalds for an icecream cone. I was fully prepared to cover Miles with napkins, and pretty much just expecting a mess since I was driving and they'd have eat on the way. but then a miracle happened... a miracle called nap time. he zonked out RIGHT as we go to the drive through. (I just hope he didn't remember the icecream and feel completely cheated.)
luckily macey knows how to clean up (lick up) her own icecream beard.

It was a lovely afternoon, followed by a lovely evening-and-into-the-bloody-night marathon of mine and Jessy's guilty pleasure show... The Vampire Diaries. yes that's right folks, we have taken on a whole new chapter of pathetic. re-watching. (HA. get it? bloody night? I didn't even mean to do that. ew gross. why did I say that?)

anyways. the day was lovely.
I'm trying to get a lot of good relaxing days, or good fun days in before I start being a responsible school-going adult next week.
nerves are everywhere.

happy wednesday!

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