wud up holly?

I've realized. that. I don't really blog a lot about my day-to-day activities and such.
I mean, erry blog is different. but I don't know, maybe some people wanna know what I've been up to? PFF.

1. Remember when I said I was gonna open up an Etsy shop? WELL. I'm trying to decide if I want to do that, orrr avoid the complications and details and shipping crap, and just have myself a little lemonade and hairbows and picture frames and headbands sale in my very own front yard. so that might be happening. I've made SO MANY FLIPPING BOWS. I just get carried away with the adorable fat quarters I thiiiink... but if you saw them you would too, man.

2. CAMPING. I already said that though.

3. I've been to Payson SO much lately. do I have relatives there? nope. but there are THINGS to do there. Me and my little friends went to "The Grotto", and me, my mom, and brother go there at leeeeast... uh... once a week. for Polar Queen. ugh. so good.

4. On these longgg summer days, it's nice to have the Navasard family close by! I've taken Macey and Miles up to my sister's condo to swim a few times (pure entertainment for 3 hours, man) and the other day I invited myself to an outing to the pond with them and another lovely gal and her kids in my ward!Also sometimes I just go over to hold Mista Crew, ma bff.

5. Yesterday, we didn't like the look of the long boring day ahead of us, so we went up to a SWEET little store in Lehi called Broadbents. It's so hard to explain... not an antique store, but it has that feel! SO much bold and colorful fabric, just all soooorrrtttts of things!! A lot of sister time and family time has been happening as well. I'M NEVER GETTING A JOB. just kidding just kidding just kidding!

 kay kay and sare bear. the brave souls. (That waterfall is SUPER teeny and wimpy compared to last summer. darn dry winter.)

           Mace and Jade workin' hard on their sandcastle/ lake! dolls.

 Miles busy terrorizing the girls. probably.

The cool moms that let me crash the play date :)

SO. there you have it, in case you care.
Have a lovely saturday!

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