Thor and Thibault sound like they could be brothers anyways.

So, I'm not a huge reader. If I find a good book,  I can't put it down. but I'm not constantly reading a book.
That being said, I am most certainly not a Nicholas Sparks reader.
BUT lo and behold, a few nights ago my boredom got the best of me, and I found a book by our boy nicky.
"The Lucky One"

It's funny how even if you know what actors will be playing the characters of a book, sometimes you still imagine someone else.
With most books, I'm ok with seeing the trailer of the movie first, so I can have a clear picture of the setting. but it's not like I HAVE to see it. I do have an imagination.
we're getting off subject.
here's the thing. even though I just looked at the pictures of the cast of The Lucky One, I cannot help but picturing someone a litttttle more manly and rugged than Zac Efron playing the part of Logan Thibault. (not to mention a liiiittle bit of a deeper voice. and you can't get deeper than Chris Hemsworth. well except for maybe Josh Turner. but he's a singer, not an actor.)
Instead of picturing this...

 I have most definitely been picturing more along the lines of this...
feel free to set this as your homescreen picture on your phones, ladies. You know you want to.

Tonight, I've even been picturing glimpses of his luscious blond locks.
It's a bit distracting. hahaha.

Don't get me wrong, guys. Zac will play a wonderful Thibault. a wonderful one. he is certainly a hottie. but I mean... come one. it's Thor. I need just a bit more rugged up in here.

I guess that's what's great about books, huh? You can picture whoever the crap you want.

BY THE WAY. I was imagining the sauciness of this book to be horrifying and scar me for life, buuuuut um... it was pretty much rated on the low end of PG-13. not even terrible. (So far)

don't judge me for my reading choices. it was the first one I saw.

happy Sunday.

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