Since I'm starting school, you'll hear a lot about it.
but THAT is where I strongly believe in blogging.
People don't want to hear about HALF the things people write statuses on facebook about... over and over and over again. so THAT is where a blog comes in handy. (also twitter) so that the people who actually care, or ya know, are reeeeal bored in this case, can read away. and you won't get everyone unsubscribing from you on their news feed. (a lesson I've taught mama many-a-time)

That is what I honestly don't get about rude comments on blogs. (it's never happened here, but I've seen it with other lovely ladies) I mean... guys. you do know no one is holding a gun to your head to read it... right? if you don't like it, don't read it! and don't leave anonymous comments cause that is just im-at-tuuuure. not to mention ruuuude.

NOW. back on topic. Yesterday at school was muuuuuch better. first days always suck suck suck. but yesterday we actually got into what we'll be doing and stuff, so that was good. boring, because the book we'll be using still hasn't arrived, so half the class is left with medical terminology. (THANK YOU Mr. Jackman. and andrus I guess, and my friends who came up with stupid-brilliant ways to remember those terms)

anywho. I watched someone draw someone's blood! and didn't faint!
(don't be judgin' now. that's the only thing I can't handle. but I'm learning to handle it!... anyone know a good hypnotist?)

Then when I got home from school, I ventured off to babysit Macey, Miles, AND Crew. for 6 hours. :)
didn't cry once. and the kids only cried a few times. hah.
 I love those crazy children.
here are some pictures in memory of my first actual babysitting of the THREE of them. (and I'm ready and willing to do it again :)


  1. Look at those cheeks! I just want to pinch them!

    1. I am definitely a fan of the Navasard cheeks.