pms pants

Sometimes this thing happens to girl called PMS. 
There are many effects of it. one of them being "acting like a stupid sensitive girl."
and you can't help but think, "THANK GOODNESS I'm not usually like this. cause I'm bugging the crap out of myself. but I'm still mad."

So last night, and today that happened. 
I was just getting mad and grumpy at the little things. 
 Last night, this suuuuper awesome and great girl who will one day marry my bff Easton sent a tweet that for real MADE my whole day. It's exactly what I needed.

And today, just barely, my BFF ALEX... well just go look on my facebook wall. Let's just say she+discovery of a FB webcam make a great pair. 
again, just what I needed.

Little angels, they are. 
You people have splendid timing.


  1. Ugh. me too, pms monster these past few days. Oh well. I love good people. I just have been reading random posts of yours all day, and they make me smile.