ok. I prettyyyy much NEED MY SHOWS BACK NOW.

Grey's. I'm dying. well I pretty much know what happens, but STILL DUDE.
dying over here. crying over here.
New Girl... just my weekly dose of Zooey Deschanel please. and thank you.
HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. I don't even need to say why I need that one back. holy hell. Barney better marry Robin. and Ted better not marry Victoria.
Bones is just gonna stress me out maaaajor. but I'm excited nonetheless.
.... I know there's another one but I just can't even remember it.

on a different note. have I mentioned how READY I am for summer to be over? cool beautiful weather please. boots and leggings and big sweaters please. walking my dog before 8:00 at night please. school to keep me busy PLEEEEASE.

ok. well! I'm about to embark upon a week of no Jessy. so wish me luck, in my patheticness. (that is for sure a word)
Definitely going to sleep now.

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  1. Why doesn't anyone like Victoria? I like her! I think she's cute! If Ted's not going to marry Robin then he should marry Victoria. I like her.