Life with no job requires certain hobbies. yaaaaaaay.
I have gone through some of the summer without going crazy, but I can feel the crazy coming on. I have been applying to two jobs erry day. nothing. stupid. stuuuupid.
SO. this desk has been where I spend much of my time. and I like it.

A:: My box of finished headbands and clips. plus a few wonderful fat quarters!
B:: Evidence of photography stuff being done. This desk is used for all of my little chores. Including my least favorite, CD making.
C:: finished bows that need the half that makes them whole, a clip er something. I just sit down and sew and sew and sew. I'm going to start making other types of headbands now. cause holy bows.
D:: The rotary cutter of DEATH. Luckily, no gashes. so far.
E:: phone and insta-portal. sometimes music if I'm not in the mood for TV. hahaha

F:: (can you find the F? hahaha) Slappy of course. for all things lightroom, facebook, pinterest, time-wasting..
G:: sewing machiiiine! My mom loves to tell the story of how my grandpa said she could use it, but had no idea that it was a brand new Bernina sewing machine. she was mortified, and tried to give it back, buuuut gramps wouldn't have it.
H:: staying hydrated during these grueling activities is super important.
I:: My missionary notebook. where I write letters. to my missionary pals.

there you have it. the table where I live these days.
someone give me a job now. thanks.

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