just around the corner

Around this time of year, things get stressful.

But it's also my favorite time of year, cause I know that juuust around the corner is a bunch of happy lovely family time!
I mean, I know it's august, then it's september and then it's October and then November! (I skipped October just barely. PFFFFT. my brain is gone) and then DECEMBER!

It honestly helps me get through the day when I think about what great times are up around the corner. Also, that I have a house and a bed and food to eat.

HERE are the things I'm just so excited for.

October... my sister gets to find out what sort of baby she's gonna be having! HAVE I MENTIONED that I'm gonna be an aunt? have I MENTIONED that I have been waiting for this pretty much since the day Jill got married? and then it DOUBLED when Emily got married. Oh I'm so happy I can't even stand it. If you follow me on insta, you definitely know about this piece of awesome news. Since my mom works at a Doctors office, we have access to an ultrasound machine. So every Sunday night after dinner, we head down there and have a look at the sweet little bebe in her belly!

November... ok I don't even need to explain. family picture time, leaves changing, pumpkin cookies, THANKSGIVINGGGGGG. ah. just. everything.

December. all I can say is... I hope it actually snows and I am able use my many colored scarves to their best potential. (well. as much as a person can while wearing scrubs erry day.)

Also, when the leaves start to change, I feel ok about starting to watch Meet Me in St. Louis every week. (twice a week, if we're being honest) (also, I'm not gonna say you should watch this. cause I'm pretty sure it's boring to most people.)

In case you were wondering, my first day went just great! All the psychic stress that I was havin' over here wore me out. but school itself was just fine. I got there, and my childhood best friend's little sister was in the class! I also made a few new friends.
Relief. pure. relief.

Now to the hard stuff! stoked and stressed all at the same time!

happy first week of school everyone!

oh, also. this is my absolute favorite picture at the moment.

I mean, what the random? She's great.

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