I'm a flipper and a flopper.

I've been getting a lot of looks lately. weird looks, followed by a "wait whaaaat?"
It's usually when I tell people that I'm going to MATC to be a medical assistant.
which I was going to do a year ago, and then I wasn't, and now I am again.
that's why I get weird looks

yes folks, when I got out of high school, Mountain land Applied Technology College was the plan. Medical assisting, was the plan.
The thought came back to me around May, when I had an unpleasant day at work. A meeting with my boss, and not a happy one at that.
As I was crying to my mama, venting everything, for some reason that idea popped back into my noggin and I said, "Maybe medical assisting is the road I should take after all"
honestly, don't ask me why this thought popped into my head at this time. what in the world?
but I immediately had my mom's support.

Let me rewind a bit... I worked from August to May, at Orem Elementary, and didn't attend UVU till second semester. When I did, I was planning on going into Early Childhood Education.
I'll be completely honest with you, I hated college. But until that terrible day at work when I suddenly woke up and revisited the idea of medical assisting, I was fully planning on keeping with UVU and my ECE plan. 

So, I let this new/old idea hang out in my brain for a couple months, just sitting waiting and wondering. and of course praying.

My prayers were answered, I knew that to do. (this book had something to do with it. read it. it is life-changing just like everyone says)

So I talked to my mom about it. MATC it was. flip flop holly, right?
Luckily I have great people in my life, who are always there to support me in what I do. My mom told me, "college isn't for everyone." and this time, I said "WORD".
Kelsey is one of my main advice-givers, (especially about college stuff) and she made me feel more at-ease with my decision too.
Even if you do know that it's what you're supposed to do, it's nice to have support from the people around you.

That brings us back to yesterday. ok wait, no, about a month ago. I took the dreaded 5th grade math test, the only thing you have to do to get into MATC, and passed. BUT there were no spots open in the time slot I wanted. they told me to call back every single day and ask if there were spots open, because people graduate pretty much every day. (it's a go-at-your-own-pace school)

NOW we're at yesterday. I had just worked out and was laying on the ground in the family room in all my sweaty glory, watching some greys, and decided to make my daily call to MATC.
an hour later I was headed back home, all signed up for classes, FULL of relief.
School from 11:30-2:30
every day.
I'd say it's a pretty sweet deal. PLUS. I don't have to figure out what to wear every day, because you wear scrubs every day.

Moral of this stupid-long post... Life takes crazy turns. and it's ok to change your mind.

 I hope everyone reads this so I can stop explaining it in real life. hahahaha

Peace 'N' blessin's ya'll! PEACE AND BLESSINS.

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  1. holly! girl, this post was awesome because.... my mom said the same thing to me, COLLEGE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! My life is taking some pretty crazy turns as well and I just love this!