I faced my fears and didn't faint.

today was a big day for me.
would you like to hear the story? alright get comfy.

going into MA school, I knew I would eventually have to face my fear of getting my blood drawn. Despite the fact that blood is a biiig part of working in a doctor's office, I dove into school. Wasn't gonna let one fear stop me!
Luckily, that was pretty much my only fear. I bribed my dad to let my mom draw his blood, so I could watch. I did, and I didn't feel faint at awll.
I planned on watching a lot till I was used to it, and then eventually having Joannie bring home some equiptment to draw my blood in the comfort of my own home, where I wouldn't be utterly and completely embarrassed if I passed out/ threw up (cause that's what happens when I pass out. which I do more often than most I think. I think? I don't know.)

SO. Today, this one almost-graduated, sassy, trash mouth (in a hilarious way) lady needed to pass off her blood draws (we have to do ten)... So I watched as my friends all valiantly stood up and volunteered. I was seriously considering it, until she told me I probably shouldn't, since I hadn't eaten. So I was like, "OKGOODTHANKSFORTHEEXCUSENOTTODOITBUTNOTTOLOOKLIKEAWIMP"

After school though, I called up my mom and I was like "MOM. I'm coming to your work so someone can draw my blood. I just have to do it."

I walk in, and as greeted with Brandi informing me that I needed two shots as well.

I am QUITE proud to say, that I got two shots, and a blood draw, and didn't even almost faint.

This. is huge for me. I had to share my proud moment.
I faced my fears.
and it felt goooooood!

now TB tests... THOOOSE are a different story. weird and gross and straight up creepy!

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