farm of magic

this new spot I found. It's like a mix of The Secret Garden, The Secret Life of Bees, and Finding Neverland. (well, it just reminds me of those movies at least)

It's a secret and it's hard to find.

Thank you Sara, lovely coworker of my mother's, for saying the magic words, "You're welcome to use it any time!"
Those words strike happiness into this little shutter-happy heart of mine.

the gracious location-donater and her horse :)

yes folks, that is a screened-in porch, separate from the house. complete with an antique radio and a fan.

I want to live there. don't you?!

I hope you all have a happy sunday, and a semi-happy monday! 

(oh yeah. I start school this week. but I'm keeping myself in a safe state of denial.)


  1. I'm in love. 100% in live with that place. What a DREAM. Remember how I reserved you for my wedding/engagement photographer?! Well they WILL be there. Holy mosesss.

  2. What a beautiful place!!!! holy cow!