butterflies in my tummy

Here I sit.
It is 10:16 and I have 45 minutes till I need to be heading off to school.
It's quite the sweet deal, I must say.
Here's a list of things I can do before school:
Work out AND shower
Watch 2 hours of The Office, or Grey's, or whatever I want.
Sleep in
Go to target
Pin my life away
Clean my room (HA)

ok ok we're getting carried away here.
I am SO NERVOUS RIGHT NOW. You know that feeling where you have butterflies and you're full of anxiety, but when you actually think about what you're going to do, it's not so scary?
well that's what's happening up in here.
nerves nerves nerves. I just need to get there, and see that people are friendly and that I WILL make friends, and I'll be good.
so I wish it was 11 right now, so I could hit the road.
I've decided also, to make a playlist for the commute (ha. it's only 20 minutes) to school every day.

Also, I can't handle how great this is. I want to be them when I grow up.

Wish me luck!!

OH. ps. I usually get way sick of everyone posting pictures of the same thing on instagram (like the fires, sunsets, things like that) BUT I looooove first day of school pictures. LOVE THEM.
keep em' comin' people. 

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  1. I feel the same way about back to school pictures! They warm my heart!