to the mountains we go

Tomorrow, it is OFF TO THE WILDERNESS for the Robinson ohana.
I am super looking forward to campfires, the mountains, family & dog time, hikes and fishing.
and most importantly, no technology.
just a BREAK from the worrrrld.
I haven't been actual camping since Trek (I don't count girls camp. girls camp is vacation) hahahahaha
anyways. I love it.
I was reading letters I had written to Allen at the beginning of his mission, and we were getting to know eachother, so we would spout out random facts about ourselves. one of mine was that I loooove camping and it WILL happen in my future family. (look out, husband. no hotels for you. strictly tents. be a man)
bah! it's been too long.

So anyways. that's happening.
ALSO. Since I didn't express this on any other social networks... (ha) a birthday shout out to my BFF JESS. people, sorry to say this. (cause its 100% true) but I'm pretty sure I got THE BEST best friend. we're goin on a solid 5 years of zero fights or drama. She is honestly one of the most amazing people I know, with the biggest heart. (even for insects) I could go onnn and ON, but I don't want to make her cry when she reads this. she hates crying.

OKAY. time for bed now, young ones.
I'll be back with that blog post all about the 40 items in Jessy's purse in a few days :)

love you long time. (whoever you are)
buckle your seatbelts... the pictures you are about to see show her charm.

we love eachother sometimes. it's whatevs.


PAPA SMURF. hahahahahaahahhaah

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  1. Hahaha! Such a good post and great pics! Love that girl! Have fun camping without me!